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Help us to help Bermudas Bees!

As residents and locals, we can all play a part in helping Bermudas bees to thrive. For those of us who enjoy gardening, we've complied a list of plants that the bees love, and are easy to manage. Whether its adding a few plants to your garden, or if you're putting in new trees or hedges, we should always strive to keep nectar and pollen sources in mind when making these decisions.



The smallest and easiest contributions you can make to the bees is by planting flowers and herbs that they love! Keep these in mind the next time you're adding to your flowerbeds:

  • Shrimp Plant (Nectar)

  • Fennel (Nectar)

  • Borage (Nectar)

  • Fresias (Nectar)

  • Rosemary (Nectar)

  • Begonia (Pollen)

  • Coriander (Pollen)

  • Plumbago (Pollen)

  • Bermudiana (Pollen)


Choosing plantings that add beauty, privacy and bee forage is a great way to help our bees! Consider the following when planting.

  • Surinam Cherry

  • Bay Grape

  • Pigeon Berry

  • Hibiscus

  • Japanese Honey Suckle

  • Pittosporum

  • Viburnum


There are plenty of great options when it comes to more permanent plantings such as trees. Choosing any of the following will help to give Bermudas bees more access to precious resources.

  • Peach Tree

  • Citrus Trees

  • Loquat

  • Date Palm

  • Palmetto

  • Banana

  • Screw Pine

  • Fiddle wood

  • Golden shower




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