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Dwarf Cavendish Banana plants


Grow your own bananas in your backyard! Bermuda bananas are known for their sweet taste and petite size and preferred when available over the imported fruit. The Dwarf Cavendish Banana is Bermudas most commonly grown Banana cultivar. Preferred for its dwarf stature, these trees have a pseudo stem that grows approximately 8-10ft tall, which means they are less susceptible to hurricane and wind damage than other taller banana varieties.  These banana trees have been grown organically, only using organic fertilizer and never treated with chemical sprays. 


Heavy feeders, these trees prefer deep moist soil, and will be most productive if fertilized regularly with organic fertilizer. Reccomended feeding is every 2 months. They also respond favorably to watering, so the more attention you can give them, the better they will perform. Plants thrive in full sun and will do best if planted in a location that is protected from prevailing winds.


Recommended plant spacing is between 5 - 6ft per tree. Plants range in size between 2 - 4ft. Bare root collection.



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