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Burro Banana plant


The Burro Banana is a tall, striking tree, with a short and stubby fruit. The fruit ripens to as vivid yellow with characteristic black spots.


Mature fruits have a yellow soft outside with a crisp texture, and their flavor profile can be described as crispy sweet with lemon undertones.  Low in calories and fat, these fruits are packed with minerals, vitamins b and c, magnesium and fiber.  Enjoy these fruits ripe, or add them as a compliment to any meal. 


These trees can grow between 15 - 20ft tall, so will require a bit of open space. Like all bananas, they appreciate being watered and fertilized regularly, and will preform better given some attention and care. These trees grow rapidly and act as a beautiful feature in a landscape, adding a tropical flare.


Sold as bare root plants, should be planted upon collection.  Pups are between 2 - 4ft tall.



$65.00 each






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