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Hand rolled bees wax candle 4.5" x 2" Pillar


Hand-rolled Honeycomb bees wax candles add texture and visual appeal to your beeswax candles. These candles are made out of 100% pure beeswax foundation with hexagon cells pressed into the wax. 


Did you know that beeswax candles purify the air as they are being burned? Unlike their paraffin or soy wax counterparts, beeswax candles are believed to release negative ions into the air, which bind to airborne particles such as dust, toxins and even odors. It is believed that this process occurs via static electricity, causing the particles to fall to the ground. It is also believed that this is the reason that asthma or allergy sufferers find beeswax candles to be non-irritating. Beeswax candles are considered to be the most sustainable candle products produced, with no negative by products or harmful environmental practices employed, its a truly environmentally friendly option!  



$24.95 each






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