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Testimonial 1

The very very best honey I have ever tasted and I have used honey every single day for years and this honey is absolutely the best!! I even buy it as Easter and Christmas gifts.

Testimonial 2

Thank you, John Hitchcock... I enjoy your HONEY every single day!!! I always purchase it from J. J. Produce!!! I was brought up with Bermuda honey.. as my Grandfather was a Bee Keeper in his retirement years!! We loved helping him!! It is so wonderful to see Beekeeping flourishing again!! Congratulations... and THANK YOU!!

Testimonial 3

Argh! How could I have missed this?! One can never have too many bottles of your honey!

Testimonial 4

My mom loves your honey and uses it every day. We did a side by side test of your honey and another local beekeepers in water, yours stays together and doesn’t dissolve straight away, the other dissolves almost instantly. Yours tastes better.- the other has a weird taste. Also noticed that the viscosity of the honey is way thinner than yours, it is very runny, yours is thick.

Testimonial 5

It is like no other honey I’ve ever tasted. It’s fantastic!


I always have one I'm using and one on deck! It is definitely good honey!!!!!!

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