Bermuda Beehive Hosting, Raw Bermuda Honey and Honeybee Removal

Wild Island practices all natural beekeeping in Bermuda, which means that we use no chemical treatments, no miticides and no antibiotics. We monitor the health of our bees closely and use integrated pest management, using only natural techniques to help our bees thrive with minimal interference. 

Being chemical and antibiotic free means that our hives and subsequently our products have fewer toxins and chemicals, allowing for a much healthier environment for our bees and an all natural product for our customers. 



Bermudas Bees, not unlike their kind around the world, have been facing unprecedented challenges in the last decade which has had a large impact on their overall well being. We are on a mission to increase the awareness of the importance of the Honey Bee (Apis Meliferia). The introduction of the Varroa Mite, increased use of neonicotinoid pesticides and herbecides have all taken their toll on Bermudas Bees.

That being said, things are looking up. Bermudas beekeepers are diligently working toward increasing the strength and numbers of Honey Bees in Bermuda while trying to promote responsible behavior around feral beehives or colonies that may be in "less than ideal" places. The number of beehives has been increasing, and with your help we can continue to nurture the Bermuda bees back to a position of strength.



Wild Island is excited to be accepting applications for our 2018 / 2019 Hive Hosting season. Plans start as low as $80 / month. Hosting a hive is a great way to contribute to Bermudas Bees!



As beekeepers, we appreciate the value and importance of each and every beehive - which is why we offer swarm removal and bee hive extraction. If you've got bees that are in a less than ideal location contact us to discuss your bee hive removal needs.



Bermuda Honey has long been a favorite of Bermudians and visitors alike, and we are unique in that we can produce varieties of seasonal honey from the nectar of wild flowers. Honeyflows occur throughout the year with the main two being in Spring and late Fall, which is when there is a high number of flowers in bloom meaning the bees can collect nectar - the primary ingredient in honey.  As the harvests are seasonal - we will keep availability updated via social media and our website.



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