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Hive hosting allows for people who might not have the time to be an active beekeeper but want to get involved and help to support Bermuda's bees. By subscribing to our hive hosting program, you can host beehives on your property without having to manage or work them. Our Bermuda Beekeepers from Wild Island will do all of the 'heavy lifting' while you can enjoy the benefits of having colonies of these essential pollinators in your backyard. Hive Host packages have a two hive minimum requirement which starts as low as $80 per month and requires a one year subscription. Hive Hosts will receive fresh raw honey from their backyard hives when available.


We are accepting applications for our hive hosting program. Contact us using the below form to schedule a consultation to discuss hosting hives on your property. Space is limited and placements will be selected based on site suitability.


Currently placements are full however applications will be considered on the basis of suitability. Hosting locations must accommodate at least 8 beehives. Our beehives are kept on 8ft long hive stands, each stand holding 4 colonies. The stands are placed close to one another to minimize the footprint. Vehicular access is required to the hive location. Placements require a minimum of a 24 month term.



If you'd like to support Bermuda's bees but don't have what you might think to be a suitable space for hosting, Wild Island offers the opportunity for you to support Bermuda's bees and adopt a hive at one of our apiaries! Participants in this program will receive regular reports as to the health and productivity of the adopted hive, which will be labelled with their name. Spaces for this program are limited so contact us for more information.



We're now giving companies an opportunity to get involved. If you represent a company and want to help Bermuda's bees contact us to learn more!

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