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Bees have a specific set of criteria when it comes to finding a new home, which sometimes ends up being a little too close for comfort.


Some of the essential things that they look for are a small easily defendable entrance and a spacious interior just to name a few. It's for this reason that we often see bees setup shop inside ceilings, chimneys, and even in-between floor joists. Our Bermuda homes provide plenty of options which the bees seem to love, but are more often than not less suitable for us. ​


It is also quite common to see the bees move into the cavity of a tree - whether it be living or dead. We frequently see bees established in the cavities of Bermuda Cedar trees, and Poinciana trees.


It is always our recommendation to leave them alone, so long as their location is not problematic. Wild hives play an important role in ensuring genetic diversity and maintaining the overall health of the islands bee population. ​


We do acknowledge that this is not always an option and it is often necessary to move honeybees to a more suitable location than the one that they've chosen. If you end up with a swarm or colony on your property which needs relocation, our team of removal experts can safely and humanely relocate bees in a timely manner.



Frequently spotted in trees, shrubs, or hedges, this is what a resting swarm looks like. This is a part of the natural reproduction process for honeybee colonies - when one colony becomes two. During this time scout bees are searching for a new location while the colony rests. Wild Island is happy to remove these swarms and relocate them to a more suitable location if they are in an undesirable area. Call us to discuss swarm removal further at 536-0140.



Bees prefer homes with small entrances and larger interiors - which often sees them setting up inside of walls or ceilings. This sort of extraction is more complicated and takes more time, often including some sort of light construction work in order to effectively remove the colony. Full removal is important for several reasons. The first reason being to humanely and responsibly remove the bees. Bees are facing many challenges and it's our mission to save as many as we can. Each extraction takes hours of delicate work, trying to save and collect as many bees as possible. Furthermore it's important to remove the honeycomb, as if it's left inside the cavity, it can attract more bees in the future and attract unwanted pests. Call us to discuss colony removal further at 536-0140.


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